søndag den 19. april 2009


Do you ever wish you could just run away? -Away from school, away from friends, family, away from all the responsibility… Away from the numbers on the scale? I do. Every single day.

I feel so alone with my suffering. But even though I feel lonely, I don’t want people to notice me. I don’t want my friends to talk to me, or my mom to hug me. I just want to be alone.

Right now one of my friends is sitting beside me - she's eating nuts. Every time she chews I can hear the crunching noise, and it sounds like a thunderstorm. I can’t hear the teacher anymore
-Only the earth-quaking noise of the almonds which is crushed between her teeth. It is driving me mad. I wish I could just choke her, grab her by the throat and shake her, right here in the class room and make her be quiet!!

Finally, she’s done. The plastic bag is empty and now she is rustling it.
I haven’t eaten yet, and I am sooo hungry…

Sorry for being so melodramatic. But all I can think of is food. I am cold, worn-out and hungry…

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