lørdag den 4. april 2009

The fair

Today my boyfriend took me to the fair. The sun was shining, people around me smiled, and I blew my nose every second minute. It was amazing to be out in the wonderful weather (which is a rare thing in Denmark) and enjoying the spring with the love of my life. I did really "well" on my diet! Even though I was dyeing to eat some curly fries, I stuck with just one candy apple and half a lowfat milkshake (I know that isn’t really “sticking to the diet” but fuck it, I am happy for a change!) I really am glad that I didn’t screw totally up today. I need to do SOMETHING right once in a while, and I am ready to say goodbye to sweets, for the privilege of being happy with myself all the time! Sigh, okay I am gonna miss chocolate... And hard candy, but I rather feel skinny and sexy then fat and full...

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