mandag den 27. april 2009


"Hey! Welcome to my blog -The zero effect. I hope you really enjoy some of my posts and that you will give me some constructive feedback! My name is Cecilie, but everybody calls me Cille so that why I chose to put that on the internet. I have chosen to also make this video vlog because I don’t want people to think I am some extremely skinny or beautiful girl. I am just like everybody else.

And, well, today so far I have eaten about 566 calories -its a little bit over the top cause' I wanted to stay really low today - yesterday I had a binge! A totally crazy binge with chocolate and candy! And of course I did what has become normal for me, and I purged afterwards...

Oh and sorry for my Danish accent - Its really hard to get rid of!

Anyway, I binged and I was at the movies yesterday (that’s why I binged -popcorn, candy, soda). Do not mind the ugly empty space behind me -cause' I am goanna get that fixed! I just moved in with my boy friend so... Oh we just bought an IKEA table! Heh, I’m sure you guys enjoyed that very much. Sorry for my boobs hanging all over the place (mumbling). Anyway I am properly goanna cut that out of the vlog (BUT I DONT KNOW HOW!!), cause' its extremely silly...

I’m 18 years (couldn't say that word!) old and my boyfriend is 28, so that’s 10 years difference. And NO it doesn't bug me! We have been together for 1 and a half year so it isn’t a problem - apparently.

Back to me - I study, I am in the 2 year of my gymnasium time which is 3 years all in all. And right now it's 7 o'clock and my boyfriend is at his Danish cores because he is German so... He speaks really good Danish though and he writes.. well it could be improved.
I skipped school today, I didn't go today, but I'll survive and they (my classmates) will too. I really don’t even want to get into details why I didn’t go today!
Anyway, A small messy interdiction of me and what I am all about.. And excuse my horrible English...
(I made this in case of you didn’t get what I said, and to correct my errors...)

4 kommentarer:

  1. I heart your vlog - keep them coming! You are such a beautiful girl Cille!

  2. I love the vlog! Great job.

  3. Wow, you're so pretty! And you have the cutest accent! ^^

  4. Ha ha, I just found your blog, and I just met (well online) a very cute danish boy and had to watch your vlog so I could imagine what his accent is like. I think you have wonderful english. I'll be back to visit. Have a good day -m