fredag den 3. april 2009

Spring sick...

Yep, the well-known spring cold has caught up with me.
The I-thought-it-was-summer-so-I-put-on-my-new-Hilfiger-sandals-and-my-summer-dress.
Sigh, I sat for 1 hour in the sunshine and enjoyed the change in seasons and now I am dead sick! I guess everything has its price, and I DON’T think that was worth it!
I am doing horrible on my diet. Yesterday I ate over 3000Kcal! Or at least, I think so…

Ate yesterday:

Eleven a clock – a piece of fruit + one spoon of yogurt + tree cups of detox tea

Twelve a clock – two fried eggs (made with out oil or grease)

Tree a clock – cake… And Coca cola Zero (tree glasses)

Five a clock – candy! LOTS OF CANDY! Ew… (Chocolate and gummy bears)

Dinner (seven a clock) - small piece of chicken and some steamed veggies

Later – Two pieces of bread with (light) cream cheese, more candy, more coke, and a carrot…

REMEMBER! I was sick, writing my one-day assignment (took me ALL day!) and period pains, so my “bingeing” isn’t all that bad… Is it??

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